Do you feel stressed when you miss a deadline or your installment approaches? Whether long-term, low-grade, or severe, stress significantly impacts your body and mind. It is only wise not to dismiss feelings of persistent tension. Learn what’s going on inside your body and how to use simple coping techniques to overcome the harmful effects of common stressors.

Broadly speaking, stress is caused when you have too much to do but too little time and energy to do those tasks.

Stress comes in all forms – from minor setbacks to massive emergencies. While you may not always control the circumstances, you undoubtedly can influence how you react to them. When stress becomes severe or chronic, it can bring serious illness. It becomes essential to have stress relievers to relax your mind and body.

With the help of our experts, we were able to come up with a list of actions that can help you combat stress. Keep reading to understand how.

Managing stress like a pro!

If you feel that stress is getting on your nerves, sit back, relax and analyze it. Getting stressed isn’t the problem. However, the inability to overcome it can be a challenge. Stress affects your body in multiple ways, and it is no surprise! We came up with some impactful stress management techniques/ideas for you to beat it.

Remove all the negativity

Cutting something out of your life can sometimes be the most effective method to alleviate stress. Get rid of the things that are causing you too much stress to feel more at ease. Maintaining a healthy body, getting a balanced diet, and managing stress levels go a long way.

Staying connected to your digital devices continuously, drinking alcohol, and having too much coffee can cause stress. Making a few tweaks to your everyday routine could go a long way toward making you feel better and amplifying your nervous system.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is nothing but relaxing each muscle group in your body one at a time. You can begin by taking deep breaths to warm up. Then, practice tightening and relaxing each muscle group, starting with your forehead and working your way down to your toes.

You’ll be able to recognize muscle tension and tightness with practice, and you’ll be able to relax more easily. However, each time you practice, you should feel a wave of relaxation rush over your body.

The age-old Yoga!

Yoga incorporates physical movement, meditation, mild exercise, and controlled breathing, all of which help you reduce stress.

Yoga has multiple physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. While a single yoga session is likely to provide instant advantages to your mental and physical health, practicing Yoga regularly will reduce stress in the long term.

You can manage stress by taking a class, enrolling in an online program, or using an app to help you get started on your mental health journey. Try a free Yoga class with Breathefy.

Meditate your way out

Short-term stress reduction and long-term stress management – both include meditation. Various types of meditation are beneficial in their own way.

Find a mantra. Repeat it in your head while taking calm, deep breaths. You may also spend a few minutes practicing mindfulness, which is being present in the moment. Focus only on what you see, hear, taste, feel, and smell.

Meditation and mindfulness take practice, but they can help you reduce stress by bringing you back to the present moment. With meditation, your mind will be in the present. You won’t be able to linger on something that has already happened or worry about the future. Breathefy offers meditation classes for free, check them out!

Guided Imagery

Imagine having a mental vacation at your “happy place.” Guided imagery is nothing but imagining as if you are enjoying all the activities you love to do – sitting on a beach, listening to the waves, smelling the sea, and feeling the soft sand beneath your feet.

You can practice guided imagery by listening to an audio of someone walking you through a serene scene. You can also practice it on your own once you’ve learned how to do it.

Close your eyes for a minute. Imagine yourself in a calm environment. Be present in the moment. Open your eyes and observe how you are feeling. 

Just breathe

Simply focusing on your breath or modifying the way you breathe can reduce your overall stress level significantly. Deep breathing methods may soothe your body and mind in just a few minutes while relieving stress.  Are you ready to learn breathing techniques to relieve stress? Join a free breathwork session with Breathefy.

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Here are a few simple steps to get rid of some stress via deep breathing techniques:

Get moving

Physical activity is essential for stress management and mental health improvement. And the best part is that there are a variety of activities that might help you relax and overcome physical health problems.

Keep in mind that there are numerous strategies to increase your daily physical exercise. Join a gym, take a class, or go for a walk. Walking, strength training, kayaking, hiking, and spin class are just a handful of stress-relieving activities that you can try.

Apart from these, there are multiple techniques to relieve stress like:


In a nutshell, stress management is a serious issue everyone faces at least once in their lives. With proper guidance at your hand, you can overcome stress issues. At Breathefy, we constantly believe in uplifting your mental health via our premium mindfulness content.  

Yes, the world is in a critical environment. Yes, stress is on the rise, working against our better nature and making it even more challenging to handle the issues we are confronted with. However, there is an antidote on the way.

What if the difficulties we’re having are actually serving as a catalyst for us to grow? Our certified experts help you with guided meditation sessions, breathwork techniques, and Yoga classes. Get yourself enrolled with Breathefy and park all your chronic stress hassles behind.

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